VeriPay Payment Gateway

A single connection to all major processors. Our payment gateway is made to move.
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All of our Accounts are Full-Featured and Include…


Set a Date, Bill Again and Again

We make it easy for your merchants to bill their customers regularly with our Recurring Billing service. All they have to do is establish a recurring billing schedule and the gateway handles the rest.

Get Paid Faster

Allow your merchants to invoice their customers via email with Electronic Invoicing. It’s simple, secure and efficient for both merchants and their customers. Customers receive an embedded link they can follow to submit payment and a PDF invoice with line-by-line detail delivered right to their inbox and merchants enjoy a quick turnaround in payment.


Get In Sync with Your Transactions

Skip the double entries and let QuickBooks® SyncPay handle your transactions from start to finish. From processing the transaction to creating the appropriate accounting entry to marking the transaction as paid, QuickBooks SyncPay handles it all for them from right within their QuickBooks environment.

Choose Your Transactions’ Path

With our Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI), businesses with multiple MIDs on a single gateway account can automatically determine which MIDs to route transactions to based on advanced load balancing directives.


Take Your Processing to the Next Level

Do you need to process transactions with extended transaction data? Our Level III Processing passes on enhanced data, giving you the best chance to qualify for optimal interchange rates.

Batch Processing

Do you have of a bunch of transactions that need to be processed? No worries! Our Batch Processing tool can handle it. You can upload your files to the gateway and process large volumes of transactions all at once.


Manage Your Stuff

Our Product Manager tool provides you with a unified product database that you can use to enter and manage product SKUs of frequently sold items for quick recall at checkout for Virtual Terminal transactions.


Migrate to Us

Are you using another gateway? No problem. Our Gateway Emulator enables you to migrate from other gateways to us without having to rework or reprogram their applications.

We’ve Got You More Than Covered

With over 150+ Shopping Cart Integrations, we’re pretty confident that we have the integration you’re looking for.


Multiple MIDs All in One Place

Manage Multiple Merchant IDs on a single gateway account and consolidate reporting, reduce costs, manage branches, organize products, etc.

E-Commerce Online Stores and Payment Gateways
are a match made in heaven!

Worry-free transfer of sensitive payment data

  • Tokenization
    Tokenization hides the original sensitive payment data so you’re safe from breach. It also protects cardholder data, reduces risk and helps with PCI compliance.
  • Secure Checkout
    Our integrated Checkout solution allows customers to make online purchases, and it works seamlessly with our payment gateway. This ensures that every transaction is swift, smooth and secure as sensitive payment data is transmitted forward for processing.
  • Virtual Terminal
    After transactions are entered into the Virtual Terminal for processing and management, our payment gateway sends the payment data securely to all major CC processors.

Unlock the Power of the VeriPay Gateway

  • Maximum security
    PCI compliant tier 1 data centers feature 24/7 video surveillance and on-site armed security.
  • Maximum reliability
    Geographically diverse and fully redundant data centers are designed to withstand outages.
  • Maximum flexibility
    Pick and configure the precise features, services and options that fit your needs.
  • Maximum performance
    We offer the industry’s best authorization times for swift payment processing.


Credit Card Processing

Sensitive credit card data is tokenized by our payment gateway, resulting in effortless security and swift transaction processing.

Mobile Payments

Use our payment gateway when accepting payments from your mobile device for powerful processing on the move. Instant transactions and cloud reporting give real-time results.

E-Check Processing

Our payment gateway will also tokenize account information from eChecks, enabling you to accept and process electronic checks with utter confidence.

Get Virtual Terminal Access with every VeriPay Account

Process on the fly!

Learn More About Virtual Terminals


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